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Determining Baseplate length


Determination of baseplate length for your transducer mounting assembly is relatively easy.  Note in the photo, there is 4 inches for mounting area, and 4 inches that must sit over the edge of the boat.  So subtracting 8 inches from the standard downrod lengths gives you the available distance to get over the edge:  0.25 on a 8.25 base, 4 on a 12 inch base and 7 on a 15 inch base.  Other lengths are available on request so don't be shy and drop us a line if you need something specific.  

Determine Downrod Length


Downrod length is easily determined from the waterline on the boat.  We recommend 10 to 15 inches of the downrod be in the water when deployed.  The minimum distance on top is 4 inches to be used as a handle (or to mount a handle).  The remaining is used to get to the waterline.  Typically a 48 inch downrod is more than sufficent for a DeepV boat and a 36 inch downrod is fine for most Skeeter, Nitro Z or RangerZ style boats.

Should you need some Help


If you are unsure, please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirement

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What comes with a Bow Ducer

All Delux Basic Premium and 360 Bowducers  ship with a set of pole clips for the downrod all systems include latch clip on top of the downrod to prevent backing out of the cup, an index piece to be used if you wish to always deploy the transducer in a specific direction, and all necessary mounting hardware (stainless and marine grade throughout).  

 NOTE Livescope bowducer does not ship with pole clips as the pole clip supplier is unable to deliver this item.  Unfortunately, backorder for the pole clips is extended through May of 2019.