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Garmin Livescope / PS22 compatible!

Outrigger transducer mount assembly!

Deploy in less than a second - stow it just as fast!

ICE Fishing BASEPLATE Assembly now available - Shipping June 1 - Just in time for summer! ???

Livescope Bowducer Mount is below!


Information received regarding LiveSight indicates that any of our standard Bowducer assemblies will work great with this transducer.  Please note that the transducer is side mounted and a special end will be sent to allow the wire to go up through the downrod and protect the cable from potential damage should the user hit something with the downrod.    Customers may order immediately for this product line and please tell us under the transducer section that it is a "LiveSight."  Also please note that the transducer uses the black connector so using a telescoping tube is possible with the slight modification indicated on our About Downrods page:  

About Downrods

Trolling with a Bowducer Assembly

This is a Lowrance Totalscan (3 in 1) used for trolling.  Speed is about 3.5mph.  Transducer turned 45 degrees to line of travel at about the 1 minute mark

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  • Garmin LiveScope (tm) system now available.  Coupled with the Livescope mount you will see better imaging and it is more precise in its control!  See it in featured products below!

  • NEW!  Bowducers have been modified for use with Flounder Gigging Lights or any underwater  LED light kit.

  • Side Image Transducers can be rotated independently from the trolling motor.  Allows you to scan in any direction! 

  • If your fishfinder is not listed, please call us for pricing on your system of choice.  719-640-4948 (or send us an email using the button below).

  • Bowducer outrigger mounts are an excellent assembly for attaching LED or other lamps for night time fishing (where legal!).

  • Bowducer mounts have many options for securing the baseplate assembly to your boat.  Pedestals to rise above gunnels, angles for Tracker, Lund and Alumacraft, as well as plates mounted under the trolling motor - no additional drilling into your boat (see accessories for motor plates and pedestals).  

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Why utilize an Outrigger Mount


How to get the most from high resolution fishfinders:

The current generation of fish finder systems are getting more sophisticated every day. Transducers are becoming larger and more sensitive. There is also considerable change in technologies with current generation trolling motors.  Models such as Terrova, Xi5 and iPilot do not easily allow mounting of transducers.

However, the one thing that is not changing, is the ability of a trolling motor to pinch, rip, stretch, and generally ruin a transducer cable.   For example, if you are able to mount a transducer with Xi5, it will either catch the cable in the mechanism, tearing it or potentially spin until the conductors rip.  A transducer on trolling motor is just a bad idea!

In addition, the quick movements of a trolling motor mounted transducer tend to ruin imaging from these expensive units. While the image will be eventually be reestablished, a ruined cable will cost you several hundred dollars.

In order to obtain maximum performance from a bow mount transducer, it is extremely beneficial to separate the transducer from the trolling motor. This helps to improve image quality and will also help lower the potential for electrical interference. 


Improve Image Quality

Image quality is related to the stability of the transducer. If a transducer is mounted on the trolling motor, small directional changes of the motor result in slurring of the images. The illustration here shows just how much the image may be ruined. A small 5 degree correction of the motor results in the side view distortion of over 2 feet at only 25 feet from the boat.

This image distortion is reduced considerably with the Bow-Ducer Outrigger as all the small angular adjustments of the motor are eliminated. With transducer secured to the boat, the views of fishing structure or depth contours, and baitfish or game fish schools, perpendicular (or any other angle) to the primary direction of boat travel will be more consistently stable and this translates into a more usable image from your system. 


Additional Advantages for bow mounting

Mounting a transducer on the bow of a boat, separately from a trolling motor is a solution to issues we fishermen have with the questionable joining of a trolling motor and a high resolution transducer!

The Bow-Ducer Outrigger mount (our new product name) is a solution to all transducer and trolling motor issues. The Bow-Ducer Outrigger mounts to the opposite side of the boat from the trolling motor, yet at the bow. It allows fishermen to separately orient the transducer. Keep cables away from trolling motor pinch points, and generally lower electrical interference picked up by todays sensitive transducers.

Fishing Specialties offers transducer to downrod mounting assemblies for all of todays transducers and the extension of the transducer cables through the downrods to make cable management a breeze. 


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