OUtrigger Mounts

Humminbird XM transducer mounted to bowducer outrigger bow mounting assembly

Fishfinder Transducers cost from $75 to $1450.00

Damage to fishing transducer cables by trolling motors is a common occurrence.  Once cut a transducer cable will allow water into the ground sheathing and cause image issues with your sonar images !   A simple solution is to remove the transducer from the trolling motor.   The real question is how to do this while still have a easy to use system that does not take up a lot of space at the bow of a boat.  


Trolling motors do not even allow for transducer installation

Fighting to mount a transducer on a Terrova, iPilot, or even Xi5 trolling motors is near impossible.  The trolling motor companies are in the business of trolling motors - not taking care of transducers and transducer cables.  Bowducer assemblies mount only the transducer at the end of a downrod.  The cable runs through the downrod making the system easy and compact.  


Transducer on an outrigger solves these problems!

A Bow-Ducer Outrigger mounting assembly:

  1. eliminates torn cables
  2. improves cable management
  3. makes it easy to put transducers anwhere on the boat
  4. mitigates trolling motor electrical noise
  5. improves overall image quality

How it works

The bowducer assembly is a simple cup using a special taper to hold the fishing transducer, which is typically  mounted on a telescoping downrod, securely.  Because of the taper used, the bowducer downrod will not drop through the cup and is very  securely held when a side load (water) is placed on the transducer.  

When scanning with a transducer, the downrod is easily turned in the cup.  It remains stable and provides excellent imaging.