Ordering Information

  1. When ordering, you need only order a standard Bowducer assembly (Basic, Deluxe or Premium).
  2. When selecting components for the mount, simply tell us what LED system you have in the section for "Transducer".
  3. We will automatically supply a proper end for the downrod.

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Flounder Gigging Light Mounts

Flounder about to be gigged

Mounts any LED light for flounder gigging.  Simple to deploy at the side of the boat.  Secure lock-in and free to rotate eyp degrees.  Adjustable for depth with high performance collet lock.


Flounder gigging light mounting assembly for easy deployment and direction of any underwater LED

Jerrys LED Flounder Lights

(preferred vendor)

Also works with:

Flounder Finder(TM) LED Lights

Flounder Finder II LED Gigging Lights

Swamp Eye Flounder gigging lights


Hydroglow Flounder Lights

(Custom Mounting Available for any light!)

Installed Underwater Lamp - Jerrys LED

Jerrys LED on Downrod with Extra Cone to stow above water.

Shown is a Jerrys LED underwater light mounted on a telescoping downrod (36 to 60 inches in length).  An extra cone is also installed to allow the user to stow the downrod on the baseplate assembly (out of the water).

We can mount to any light set!


See the link above for typical Flounder light mounting assemblies.  If a special mount is needed, please give us a call at 719 640-4948 or email us using the contact menu above.

Fully adjustable Flounder Gigging Light mounts

Jerrys LED on Telescoping Downrod

   Jerrys LEDs are a great pairing with Fishing Specialties mounting systems.



Q. Can the downrod be rotated?

A.  Yes, it can be rotated 360 degrees without any binding.

Q.  Can I mount a specific lamp?

A.   We have never had a flounder gigging lamp we could not mount.  If it is not indicated here, please give us a call and we will work out a solution for you.

Q.  How is the downrod stowed:

A.  We supply pole clips which can be secured to the boat for stowage.

Q.  Am I stuck with a 48" long pole:

A.  No, we supply a telescoping downrod.  It can be shortened to about 26 inches or lengthened to 48 inches.

Q.  Will the downrod Rust:

A.  We offer an aluminum downrod that is robust and will not rust.