Improve imaging and prevent cable damage.

Transducer Location and Tradeoffs

Fishing Transducers are improving every day.  The images displayed by a fishfinder (depthfinder) today are markedly improved from those of just 10 years ago. 

Having a good, high resolution transducer mounted on the bow of the boat gives an advantage as it shows fish in relation to the fishermans position versus 15 to 25 feet behind.  

Many have tried to put transducers on trolling motors and found that the motor itself is quite unkind to the cables and images.  Tearing a cable sheath will create noise on your fishfinder display.  Once torn, a cable can not typically be fixed by the average person.  As such, transducer replacement is the only option.  

A Bowducer transducer mount assembly protects your investment!

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