Telescoping Downrods use a tube collet to hold the lower 1inch tube.  They can be set anywhere between 26 inches and 48 inches.  They are a great choice when space and stowage is limited.  Also as the downrod is essentially a double wall tube (when not fully deployed) it is actually a stronger option than a single wall tube.

Solid Downrods

Solid length downrods come in 3 lengths and 2 diameters.  


36 inch, 48 inch, and 60 inches 


1 inch OD, 1.25 inch OD.

Which One?

Telescoping downrods save space and are quickly adjusted for depth.

If neither of these are of interest, or if the extra length or diameter is needed a solid downrod would suffice.


A note about transducers and downrods


Most Humminbird transducer cables utilize a compact connector.  As such, these transducers can be used with the 1 inch OD tubes or telescoping tubes without any modification or change

Humminbird Solix must use a larger diametrer downrod (1.25 inch OD) for their systems.  


Lowrance NEW HOOK2 series transducers use a new connector style and will fit in 1 inch downrods.  As such, 1" OD tube or the easy to use telescoping downrods are ok for these units.

Lowrance HDS Structure Scan, Total scan transducers utilizes a large thumbscrew on their connectors.  This thumbscrew is slightly larger than the ID of a 1 inch tube.  The connector itself can be modified to fit a 1 inch tube.  AS shown in the photos, sanding of the nubs on the connectors will allow them to easily fit through a 1 inch tube making it an option for anyone wishing to do this slight modification.  This minor modification allows Lowrance users to also utilize the telescoping tube or 1 inch OD solid.  

Lowrance 3D  transducers use a dual connection.  This is so large that only a 1.5 inch OD tube can be used.  Please call to discuss. 


Garmin Transducers all fit within a 1 inch tube so like Humminbird, any tube style is acceptable.


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